How to find waypoints in Diablo 2: Resurrected

Never get lost in the Blood Moor ever again.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

With the newly remastered Diablo II: Resurrected, waypoints are essential tools that players can use to quickly traverse around the world. Whether you need to get to the Rogue Encampment or The River of Flame, players can use these to go anywhere from Act I to V.

However, since Diablo maps are randomly generated, the waypoints aren’t always in the same place. So how do you find them?

Why are waypoints important?

Even though town portals exist, waypoints serve a vital function in Diablo games. Town portals are very useful to get you back to town ASAP, but waypoints are the only way that you can start in town and then get back to a specific location. Otherwise, you’d have to traipse all the way from town through multiple dungeon maps to get anywhere.

In Diablo III, many waypoints were changed to fixed locations, so it made tracking them easier. However, in Diablo II, waypoints can generate anywhere. Furthermore, when you log out, all your map exploration progress resets. So without a waypoint, you might end up re-charting an area you already explored just to get back to where you left off. With a waypoint, you can bypass a lot of that and get to the exact level you’re trying to get to.

Tips on how to find waypoints

Even though Diablo II maps are randomly generated, there are easy ways to make your waypoint searches feel less random. For one, every map has a main road running through it, from the entrance to the exit. If you follow that, you’re more likely to find the waypoint. After all, important landmarks are more likely to appear near the main road.

If that doesn’t work, another option is to walk around and trace the edge of the map. That way, you’ll have an easier time knowing the empty spaces you have left to check. It’s the same logic as doing the outside edges of puzzles. With the entire map’s edge filled in, you’ll have an easier time assessing and exploring the rest of the area (if you haven’t found the waypoint by then).

The final tip is a simple one but can be helpful — always be on the lookout for torches. Every waypoint has two torches on either side, so if you catch one in the corner of your screen, it might just mean you’re passing by a waypoint. You do not want to miss that.