Where to find a UFO in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 – All Saucer locations

Take to the skies to abduct objects and terrorize enemies.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After bringing Star Wars characters to the island earlier in the season, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 adds yet another sci-fi element to its battle royale modes with the return of Saucers. The vehicle makes for a quick way to traverse past locations safely and lets you become a major threat to enemies. That said, these UFOs do come in short supply. Here’s where you can all of the Saucers in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

Every Saucer location in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

There are just six Saucers placed around the map, each parked outside of named locations. Once found, you shouldn’t have to worry about leaving teammates behind. Every ship comes with five seats, including a cockpit that is protected by an energy shield with 100 Health. Speaking of stats, Saucers bear energy balls that can be hurled at enemies below to deal 30 damage. Though, pilots have the potential to do more damage by using the Saucer’s tractor-beam to pick up and throw nearby objects. You can find every Saucer location marked and listed below.

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Saucer location #1: South of Logjam Lotus, on the right side of its lake
  • Saucer location #2: West of Sleepy Sound
  • Saucer location #3: Southeast of The Daily Bugle, near a beachfront
  • Saucer location #4: Northeast of Greasy Grove
  • Saucer location #5: On the north side of Chonker’s Speedway, on a rock structure
  • Saucer location #6: South of The Joneses, in between two fishing holes

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Players will need to be mindful of how long their Saucer has been flying. The vehicle type runs on a battery that lasts only 400 seconds, but it can be charged simply by parking the Saucer. Although its return has been long-awaited, fans should prepare to see an even bigger addition very soon in the form of a Dragon Ball Z crossover. The crossover is slated to start on August 16 and is said to introduce a Goku skin, among a few others.