Where to find the Zero Point Fish in Fortnite

An excellent source of protein — and speed.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Zero Point Fish has returned to Fortnite, making its first appearance in Chapter 3. The sea creature functions much like other fish with its healing benefits, but it can also be consumed to gain a unique traveling ability. Better yet, those who run into the glowing animal will have a chance to complete one particular seasonal challenge and earn its massive XP reward. Here is where to discover a Zero Point Fish and what it can do for you in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

How to get a Zero Point Fish in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Unlike most items, Zero Point Fish cannot be found in chests or Supply Drops. Instead, it can be picked up from either coolers or from fishing in any body of water with a Common or Rare Fishing Rod. We recommend hunting down the fish in coolers as these are where they spawn the most. As shown below, most of the map’s coolers are set in Chonker’s Speedway and west of Coney Crossroads. Both locations bear over 20 coolers, so expect to find a Zero Point Fish shortly after landing.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Once found, the Zero Point Fish can be consumed to gain 15 additional health and the ability to warp short distances. The move can be performed by pressing your respective jump button twice and can continue to be used for 20 seconds. Warping with the Zero Point Fish can also lead to thousands of XP. You can earn the reward by completing the quest of dealing 100 damage to opponents within 10 seconds of dashing with the fish. It is just one of the many challenges included in Week 10, each offering a sweet 15,000 XP.