Where to find all Golden Seeds in the Mountaintop of the Giants – Elden Ring Golden Seed Locations

Ain’t no mountain high enough.

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As players approach the Mountaintop of the Giants, the end-game of Elden Ring has truly begun. Players are feeling a bit more comfortable with the pacing of fights, and cruising through bosses and mobs with ease.

Unfortunately, the Mountaintop of the Giants will throw a lot of what you’ve learned wayside as FromSoftware starts throwing new curves: limited visibility, brutal enemy spawns, and precarious ledges all await in the frozen waste of the mountain. Move slowly, and carry a big stick.

Mountaintop of the Giants

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There are a total of seven Golden Seeds strewn across this frozen land. Four of the seven are relatively simple to get, by following the main quest towards burning the thorns of the Eldtree. The remaining three will task players with finding access to Miquella’s Haligtree, ultimately culminating in an optional Legacy Dungeon within Elden Ring.

Seed 1

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Seed 1 is relatively difficult to miss, arriving before the lift on the side of the path. Watch for demi-humans on the path with devastating casts while dismounting to grab this seed.

Seed 2

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Seed 2 looks deceiving on the map. Tarnished will want to move past the plateau, then button hook to the left to find a dungeon entrance. The dungeon is called Giant’s Mountaintop Catacombs, and you’ll need to work your way to the bottom and kill another Ulcerated Tree Spirit for its Golden Seed.

Seed 3

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Just south of the Freezing Lake Grace stands this Golden Tree, behind a Troll. Mount up at the Grace, dash past the Troll, and grab this Golden Seed with relatively little fuss. If we were to compare difficulty to possible rune & loot drops, this Troll isn’t worth slaying.

Seed 4

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After crossing another precarious chain towards the southeast Mountaintops of the Giants, the difficulty spikes relatively quickly. Multiple enemies will swarm the player with little warning, and dropping runes is almost a tradition. The Golden Seed waits for no Tarnished, however.

Mount Torrent at the Giants’ Gravepost, and dash south past swarms of enemies. You’ll need to cut east, then northeast, to find this golden tree. There are two options for players here: attempt to use the tree that the seed is nestled into as cover from enemies throwing explosives, or chase down the three enemies before grabbing the seed. Either way, there’s a risk involved with this Golden Seed.

Seed 5

The first seed of the ‘secret’ western region of the Mountaintops of the Giants, this Golden Seed is in the middle of a fierce, unabating snowstorm. Enemy NPCs appear to struggle with visibility in the snow but expect wolf-riding archers to harass you as you make your way through the blizzard.

Once you can see the tree, Tarnished are typically safe enough from enemy sight to safely dismount and retrieve.

Seed 6

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Seed 6 is as contested as 4, although it’s far more plausible to simply ignore the incoming archer damage with heavy enough armor and vitality. This tree is just west of Ordina, Liturgical Town: a blessing, as that’s where we’ll begin the hunt for the final, seventh seed of the Mountaintops of Giants.

Seed 7

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Seed 7 is actually found deep within the hardest, and largest, Legacy Dungeon of the game. Knowing how to complete Haligtree is no small feat, especially considering that the infamous Malenia is patiently waiting at the end. Unfortunately for completionists, the seventh seed is found roughly two hundred meters away from the final boss of this dungeon.