Where to find Ash of War: Barbaric Roar in Elden Ring

Unleash your inner barbarian.

Screenshot by Gamepur

This isn’t the first time Barbaric Roar has appeared in a Soulsbourne game. In Dark Souls 3, many of the axes and hammers had the roar weapon art on them. Of course, that doesn’t mean it isn’t great. This weapon art increases your attack power for a short while after you use it. It also makes strong attacks change to combo attacks while the buff is active. Here is where you can find Ash of War: Barbaric Roar in Elden Ring.

Screenshot by Gamepur

To obtain this Ash of War, you will first need to make your way to the Liurnia region. This is the region above Limgrave past Stormveil Castle. To reach this area, you will need to progress through Stormveil Castle and defeat Margit and Godrick. If you feel like that is too difficult for you, you can also take the side route by going to the cliffside to the east of Stormveil Castle near the broken bridge. Both paths will lead you to the Lake-Facing Cliff Site of Grace.

From the Site of Grace, head north down the hill to the lake section of the area. The path to the weapon art is rather long, so make sure you are prepared. Make your way across the lake to the northeast past where the academy is. You will find a ravine that the lake flows into. Follow the water into the ravine. This will lead you to a dead-end with a bunch of scaffolding to climb to enter a dungeon. Don’t climb up the scaffolding. Instead, keep going to where the rocks all meet at the end of the ravine to find a beetle. Destroy the beetle to obtain the Ash of War. Be careful; there are a lot of bats that will come out when you go after the beetle.