Where to find Big Bend Tunnel in Fallout 76

Beware the Blood Eagles in the area.

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The wastelands of Appalachia are filled with different areas for you to explore in Fallout 76. While you may start off the game leaving Vault 76 for the first time, you will quickly discover a vast world full of danger and intrigue. One of the many locations you will eventually come across is the Big Bend Tunnel. This location is very large and actually appears in multiple sections of the map. This guide will show you where you can find Big Bend Tunnel in Fallout 76.

Big Bend Tunnel location in Fallout 76

Big Bend Tunnel is made up of two areas on the map: Big Bend Tunnel West and Big Bend Tunnel East. Both of these are entrances to the actual tunnel which is an instance that you will need to load into and not a place that you can just access. The first entrance you may come across on your journey across the wasteland is the western one. This entrance can be found southeast of Lewisburg where the tunnel drawing is on the map. This entrance resides in the Ash Heap region.

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The eastern entrance to Big Bend Tunnel is located in the Cranberry Bog region and can be found to the west of Watoga. From Watoga, follow the train tracks and they will lead you directly to the eastern entrance of the tunnel. You can also head south from Fort Defiance to find the tunnel entrance.

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What to do at Big Bend Tunnel

Big bend Tunnel is connected to the Blue Ridge Caravan Co. You will end up traveling to the tunnel as part of the Wastlelanders quest line. There are two missions that are connected to the tunnel: Riding Shotgun and Search Big Bend Tunnel for Survivors. Both quests will have you fighting members of the Blood Eagles. There is a lot of worthwhile loot that you can discover as you make your way through the tunnel such as armor mods, Fusion Cores, Stealth Boys, Magazines, and even Bobble Heads. Watch out for the many enemies that lurk around the area and make sure to keep a weapon on you if you go through the area.