Where to find Blackheart in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

A friend wants to lend his only hand.

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Blackheart is one of the many characters you can encounter in Fortnite. You will need to find him if you want to add this NPC to your collection, especially if you’re looking to discover them all. He’s also a requirement to continue the Paradise missions. You only need to speak with him once, and whenever you find him, he’ll offer to sell you some items to help you during your Fortnite match. This guide covers where to find Blackheart in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4.

Where is Blackheart in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4

Blackheart is aboard his ship, the Driftwood. It’s currently floating to the northwest of the Flutter Barn. It has moved from its previous position of being overhead the Lustrous Lagoon. You can make your way to this location by directly landing on it or landing at Greasy Grove, Rocky Reels, or the Flutter Barn and making your way over. Because Blackheart is required to complete a quest, several players might be landing here, making it difficult to speak with Blackheart.

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When arriving in this region, you may need to use one of the several ziplines to make your way up to the ship’s top. You can find at least two on both sides of the ship, which you can reach by jumping into the water. When you reach the top, look for the back of the ship, and you should find Blackheart walking around this location. To complete the quest, those attempting to complete the Paradise mission to speak with Blackheart must click several lines of dialogue.

Multiple weapons and supplies are below deck if you run into trouble aboard Blackheart’s ship. You might be better off grabbing those before you storm after Captain Blackheart, but only if you find yourself surrounded by multiple players.

We suspect Blackheart and the Driftwood will be moving through Chapter 3, Season 4.