Where to find Dabry’s Sturgeon in Tower of Fantasy

Here fishy, fishy.

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While exploring the world of Tower of Fantasy, you will need to grab plenty of food ingredients to keep your Satiety up. Using those ingredients to create better dishes from recipes is a surefire way to make certain you are always near full health and even buffed in various ways. One of the fishy ingredients in the game you will want to consider grabbing is Dabry’s Sturgeon. Here is where you can find this fish in Tower of Fantasy.

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How to find Dabry’s Sturgeon in Tower of Fantasy

Finding Dabry’s Sturgeon can be pretty simple, considering that it is available in the river right next to where you start the game. You can find Dabry’s Sturgeon in shallow rivers in Astra, Navia, and Warren during sunset and nighttime. As stated above, the Blue River starts right at the shelter where you started the game. At nighttime, fast travel there and jump into the water to try and find some Dabry’s Sturgeon swimming around. It will be larger than other fish in this area with an overall white body and green fins and tail, making it pretty easy to point out.

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When you find a Dabry’s Sturgeon, jump into the water and get close to it so a prompt appears, allowing you to grab it. You will get a confirmation message of what you just grabbed. While there are other rivers where you can find this fish, you need to find ones specifically in the Blue River to complete one of the quests in the game.

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When you have gotten some Dabry’s Sturgeon, it can be used in cooking meals like Surf and Turf. If you are not using it to create a recipe, you can eat it on its own for two Satiety points.