Where to find FND Caches in Far Cry 6

You’re going to need supplies to improve your weapons.

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There are a handful of ways you can obtain supplies in Far Cry 6. The military forces you’ll be fighting on Yara will have FND Caches scattered all over. These are essential to locating and obtaining their precious resources to expand your weapon attachments and modifications at the workbench. This guide details where you can find FND Caches in Far Cry 6 and a suitable method to learn about their location.

Many of the FND Caches you will find in Far Cry 6 will come from military locations. These sites have many military forces protecting them, and the FND Caches are scattered throughout the base. Some of them could be on the outskirts of the base, such as inside a small tent, but most of them will be inside the more protected buildings. You’ll be forced to sneaking into a compound to obtain them or remove all of the guards to take over the base for the Libertad.

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If you want to learn about an FND Cache location before attacking a base, you can find a nearby informant who’s willing to sell you information. You’ll need some Yaran Pesos to pay them off and to have your weapons holstered when approaching them to learn the information. These NPCs are pretty helpful in giving you an exact location of any nearby FND Caches.