How to change character appearance in Gotham Knights

Make your hero look iconic.

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Each character in Gotham Knights has a unique and iconic costume to them that they’re going to be wearing throughout the story. Not only can you update the appearance of these outfits, but you can also customize the coloring to fit an aesthetic you’ll enjoy. You can do this all in one place. Here’s what you need to know about how to change your character’s appearance in Gotham Knights.

How character appearance works in Gotham Knights

You can modify everything in the gear tab. You can actively interact with this tab while in the Belfry by making your way over to the computer, the workbench, or by opening up the in-game menu using the batcomputer.

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In the gear tab, you have your loadout, crafting, mods, and style options for the current character you’re playing. The loadout option breaks down your character’s stats for their current suit, melee, and ranged weapons. You want to make your way over to the style tab, and from here, you can directly modify the suit you’re wearing, the color of the suit, the cowl, the symbol, gloves, and boots. There will be several options for each category, making a standard suit contain a bit more customized appearance for your character. In addition, you might encounter a handful of locked colors for your outfit.

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However, you can only customize the standard suit worn by your character. These are the ones that contain the stats and specialized mods for your character. If you apply a transmog to any of your suits, you will need to use the default appearance of this outfit. You cannot modify the color or change the small details of it.