Where to find Golden Age Tech in the Solarium and Festering Halls on Titan – Destiny 2

Titan’s fall.

Destiny 2

Before Titan is smashed into powder by the Darkness in Destiny 2, you can complete the Exodus: Evacuation quest to get a nice new Exotic weapon. I guess you will also be saving some lives, but who cares about that?

For one of the steps, you will need to track down some Golden Age Tech in the Solarium and the Festering Halls. This won’t be easy, because the tech is currently in the possession of some very powerful enemies.

To begin, spawn in at The Rig, then make your way to the west, to the large broken bridge that crosses the methane sea of Titan. Go through the broken wall and jump up onto the platform, then follow the walkway through the broken glass and into the Solarium. Move straight ahead and a very powerful Hive Knight will spawn in. He is one tough cookie, so take him out however you can and a chest will spawn in. Loot the chest to get your first piece of Golden Age tech.

Move to the right side of the Solarium from the entrance and go through the doorway, then follow the tunnel. The rest of the mission is a pretty straight shot from here. You will come to a drop down into a large room filled with trees, and here you will find a Taken Ogre. Once again, you need to take them out to get a chest to spawn that will contain the Golden Age Tech.

For the final piece, move up the stairs at the back of the room, though the door, and follow the corridors until you reach another drop. This time there will be a Taken Ogre and a Hive Wizard. Take out the Wizard first, as they are just annoying, then get rid of the Ogre to get the final piece of Golden Age Tech that you need for this step.