Where To Find The Hidden T In The Trick Shot Loading Screen In Fortnite


Season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 2 continues with the Week 7 challenges, and you will need to find the hidden T in the Trick Shot loading screen. As always, you will need to complete eight other missions before you can do this one, as the hidden T will only appear in the game when you have finished those other challenges.

This week, we will be heading for a particular bridge in the Weeping Woods. The Trick Shot loading screen features a face-off between two characters, and you can see the hidden T on the lower level of the bridge. The idyllic setting and lovely wooden bridge only appear in one place in the game.

Hidden T Location Season 1 Week 7

To get there, aim for the point marked on the above map, a portion of the river almost directly above the “g” in Weeping Woods. When you reach there, head for the lower level, down near the water, and you will easily be able to find the hidden T.

One of this week’s other challenges is to score eliminations at the Weeping Woods, or a landmark, so be careful while you are here. There will probably be plenty of people dropping into the area to score those kills, so be careful when you are trying to get to the hidden T.

You will need to collect all the hidden letters as part of the Alter Ego challenges. If you have missed any, we have guides showing you where to find the hidden T, the hidden R, the hidden 0, the hidden F, the hidden N, and the hidden I. Just one letter remaining until we can get our hands on that final Alter Ego skin option.