Where To Find Jetragon In Palworld

Ride in style with Palworld’s most legendary flying mount: Jetragon. Here’s where you can find him.

Jetragon in Palworld

Image by Gamepur

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Jetragon is Palworld‘s darling flying mount; he’s the one legendary you most certainly can’t live without. Even if you don’t know who he is, you’ve definitely seen him in all the cover art and trailers.

Upon first spotting a Palworld flyer, I was taken aback. But the revelation that you could ride it and glide above the Palapagos Islands left me breathless. Palworld‘s forests and archipelagos look even more stunning from the comfort of your feathery Nitewings and Vanwyrms. If you’re already in the late game, perhaps you even snatched a scorching Suzaku or an icy Quivern. These trusty mounts will whisk you away to every nook and cranny of the map unless their stamina throws in the towel, and they nosedive like drama queens. When you’ve had enough of these peasant flying mounts, you’ll decide it’s time to move on to a more epic Pal vehicle. How does a legendary like Jetragon sound? In this guide, I’ll show you where you can find Jetragon in Palworld.

Jetragon Location in Palworld

Jetragon Location Palworld
Screenshot by Gamepur

Jetragon is in the lava biome in the southwest corner of the map in Palworld. The exact coordinates are X:-790 and Y:-321.

Once you’re near the west corner of the lava biome, look for an area with several lava pools. You’ll spot a light blue dragon flying about in this landscape of burnt maroons and scarlets. This is your legendary Jetragon in Palworld.

If you’re looking to fast travel to Jetragon’s nearest waypoint, look for the Beast of Everlasting Summer fast travel tower, located directly south of Jetragon’s spawn location. While it may not be the closest one, it’s undoubtedly the most convenient way to reach him since no tall mountains are blocking your way. A solid alternative is the Ruined Fortress City fast travel tower, right northeast of where you’ll find Jetragon in Palworld.

Tips for Finding Jetragon in Palworld

Jetragon Palworld
Screenshot by Gamepur

Jetragon is located in the lava biome, which means high-level aggressive pals and a hostile, hot environment. Here are a couple of tips to prevent death while looking for Jetragon in Palworld.

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  • To prevent your health from depleting due to the heat, wear a heat-resistant gear. These can be unlocked in your Technology Tree and built in your workshop.
  • Bring a flyer to soar over the lava rivers and lava pools of this biome. Make sure they’ve got a heavy stamina bar to prevent them from nosediving straight into the lava. Yes, lava will damage both you and your Pal.
  • Repair your armor and weapons before setting off on this journey to find Jetragon in Palworld. The enemies here deal lots of damage, so they can break your gear in just a couple of hits.
  • Make sure you’re over level 50. Jetragon is a level 50 legendary Pal, so he won’t go easy on you.