Where To Find Katress in Palworld & How To Beat It

Katress is a pretty and hard hitting Pal with the power to send you straight back to your base.

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Katress is the mage cat Pal that you can find in a specific boss room in Palworld. Not only is this boss room hidden away from the wild, but it has its own special environment that makes challenging this magician quite tricky.

If you’ve already fought Katress once or twice, you’ve no doubt noticed that they’re a tough customer. Ranged attacks are Katress’ specialty, which is no surprise given that they are a mage. In this article, we’ll lay out how to best tackle the Katress boss fight.

Where To Find Katress in Palworld

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The Katress boss fight is unique among boss Pals in the sense that it has a concealed room. Most other bosses you find are out in the open, guarding their territory like the alpha Pals they are. In Katress’ case, you are brought to a dark castle room where you fight it out in a square arena. You can find the entrance to Katress’ domain in The Sealed Realm of the Invincible. As you may expect, this kind of hype isn’t understated, as the boss is pretty hard. To enter her realm, stand over the circle of light and press F.

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How To Beat Katress in Palworld

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Katress is a tough fight to handle, especially if you’re just starting out. Level 23 is steep to anything below 20, and even if you’re there, the homing attacks and vicious blasts of Katress with very little room to hide and not much distance to put between you and the enemy can make for a narrow boss battle. Here are a few prep suggestions to keep in mind before you go in:

  • Consider using Dragon types: If you don’t have any Dragon-type Pals, it can help to get yourself some. The only type super effective against Dark is Dragon, the same type that Pals like Relaxasaurus possess. Dragon types are often boss monsters that roam the world, so if you’re challenging a boss in the wild, have a few Pal Spheres or anything stronger handy.
  • Equip a shield or upgraded shield before you go in: Because Katress has homing attacks, you may find yourself getting hit and knocked out before your team is. Having a shield can help you play a much closer game, fighting on the frontlines alongside your Pals instead of trying out out-long-range a long-range specialist.
  • Consider type-enhancing abilities: Certain Pals like Chillet have abilities that change the type of your attacks as a player. For example, Chillet, when you mount it, turns your attacks into Dragon type. This can be very effective against Dark-type Pals like Katress.
  • Upgrade to metal weapons: Regular weapons won’t do much against anything level 20 or higher. When challenging Katress, consider upgrading to the Metal Spear and other kinds of more hardy equipment before you knock the doors down.

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When fighting Katress, here are a few key notes to keep in mind for maneuvering and countering with your own attacks:

  • Don’t rely too much on Arrows: It can be risky to play the long-distance game with a Pal that specializes in long-distance attacks. One of these attacks is a shadow ball that follows them for a certain distance. If you plan on being the backup to your Pals with arrows, at least make them elemental so that each shot counts.
  • Remember your dodge roll: You have a dodge roll, which can be great for dodging long-range spheres of darkness. While simply running away is an option for dodging, concentrated bursts of dodge can help conserve stamina so you aren’t always going full tilt.
  • Watch for when Katress is looking your way: Boss Pals are very telling about who they are targeting. If they are looking your way, they are about to attack you. If they are looking at your Pal, you can take that opportunity to attack with your spear or some arrows.

Katress may be a tough cat to tackle, but they aren’t impossible. With type advantages and upgraded armor and weapons, you can beat the boss with a few attempts. It also doesn’t hurt to make sure your level is appropriate for the battle either, so that you can fight the boss on equal footing instead of struggling uphill.