Where to Find Kokanee Salmon in Far Cry 5

There are a lot of animals to kill and fish to catch in Far Cry 5, some more difficult to locate than others. That’s the case with the Kokanee Salmon, one of the fish required to complete the collection. Luckily, there is a relatively quiet spot that these small fish can be caught.

Kokanee Salmon Location

Kokanee Salmon Location in Far Cry 5
Kokanee Salmon LocationTL;DR Games • Fair Use

There is a Kokanee Salmon (Hard) spot located on Cedar Lake in Jacob’s Region. It can be found along the shore and is very close to where a Cheeseburger Bobblehead is found on the only island on Cedar Lake. In fact, Kokanee Salmon can be caught from the island or the shore since the waters that separate the two are full of them. Don’t be surprised to also find a Bald Eagle flying around the area, even though it isn’t marked on the map.

Catching the Kokanee Salmon shouldn’t be difficult. I was using the Wonderboy Fishing Rod and Salmon Egg as bait. The Wonderboy Fishing Rod is unlocked by completing three quests given by Skylar, Tools of the Trade, Gone Fishing, and The Admiral. The Salmon Egg bait is unlocked by purchasing the Fisher King perk in the Survivalist tree. This setup made catching the Kokanee Salmon very easy for me, as I barely had to worry about the line breaking. It’s a smaller fish compared to others in Hope County, but they still sell for the standard $100 each.

Hope County is perhaps Ubisoft’s best open-world environment yet, and there are lots of things to keep busy with besides fighting. Might I suggest collecting all Vietnam Lighters in the game, since I found it to be one of the more lore-filled activities available. Everything we’ve written about can be browsed through by visiting our Far Cry 5 guide hub.