Where to find Leeks in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Best hold onto this vegetable.

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As you make your way through Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will end up collecting a ton of different ingredients that you will use for cooking. These ingredients are scattered about the different biomes and it is up to you to track them down when you or a resident wants a bite to eat. Of all the ingredients, Leeks are one of the more difficult ones to find since they can only be found in one area. Here is where you can find Leeks in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to get Leeks in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Not all of the ingredients in the game are easy to find. Ones like Oregano, Basil, Apples, and Raspberries, are very abundant and can be found in multiple locations. Leeks, on the other hand, are only available in one biome; the Forgotten Lands. You can tell where an ingredient is located by going to the collections menu and looking at the ingredients section. Unfortunately, this doesn’t tell you exactly how to get the ingredient.

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The Forgotten Lands biome is probably the last location you will unlock in the game. This is because it is far away from the starting biome, the Plaza, and costs a ton of Dreamlight to unlock. To reach the Forgotten Lands, you will need to make your way through the Sunlit Plaza and remove the Night Thorns near the elephant skull. Removing the Night Thorns will cost you 15,000 Dreamlight. The Forgotten Lands is also where you can get items light Dark Woods.

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Once you reach the Forgotten Lands, you might be tempted to unlock Goofy’s Stall. This isn’t a bad idea since many vegetables can be bought at the various stalls around the map, but this stall doesn’t sell Leeks. Instead, you will need to do various tasks around the Forgotten Lands to hopefully get Leek Seeds to spawn. Removing Night Thorns and clearing obstacles have a chance to spawn Leek Seeds that you can pick up, plant in your garden, and wait to grow.