How to remove Wildebeest Bones in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Remove those pesky bones.

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There are plenty of obstacles that will stop you from progressing as you make your way through Disney Dreamlight Valley. These obstacles come in many shapes and sizes and typically require you to upgrade one of your royal tools to remove them and allow yourself to progress. In the Sunlit Plateau, there are Wildebeest Bones littering the area. Thanks to the Scar’s Kingdom update, there is a way to get rid of them. This guide will show you how to remove Wildebeest Bones in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Breaking Bones quest guide

After completing Scar’s first two quests, Nature & Nurture and Friends Aren’t Food, raise his Friendship Level up to level three and Scar will give you the Breaking Bones quest. When you speak to Scar, he will tell you that he is sick of the Wildebeest Bones that are littering the Sunlit Plateau and let you know that Scrooge has a way of upgrading your shovel so that you can remove them.

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Talk to Scrooge McDuck and he will give you a mold for your shovel so that you can craft a new head for it. Head back to Scar and he will give you a list of ingredients that are required to upgrade your shovel. You will need the following materials:

  • 5 Lion’s Claws
  • 5 Dry Wood
  • 5 Iron Ingot
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The Lion’s Claws can be found buried in the ground near the cliffs in the Sunlit Plateau biome. The Dry Wood is all over the ground in the Sunlit Plateau biome. Iron Ingot is made using Iron Ore from Rock Spots. Once you have all the materials, craft the Lion’s Claw Shovel Head at a crafting station.

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With the new shovel head, you will now be able to dig up the Wildebeest Bones in the Sunlit Plateau. Talk to Scar and he will ask you to remove the small ones. Talk to him again once the small Wildebeest Bones are removed. This will complete the quest. For now, you will only be able to remove the small bones. Doing so will get you Clay.