Where to find Middle Mountain Cabins in Fallout 76

A quiet cabin retreat.

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There are a lot of different locations that you will eventually come across as you explore the various regions of the wasteland in Fallout 76. Appalachia is filled with interesting areas to explore and each has its own items for you to discover. While some of these areas may not seem like much, they are actually very useful, especially for farming. The Middle Mountain Cabins are one of the lesser-known areas of the map but they are also useful if you want to collect specific items. This guide will show you where to find Middle Mountain Cabins in Fallout 76.

Middle Mountain Cabins location in Fallout 76

Middle Mountain Cabins isn’t one of the areas you will likely find during the start of your journey. You would have to travel pretty far from Vault 76 if you want to find this location quickly. Before searching for this area, we recommend you be at least level 25 or you might have a hard time dealing with the enemies that appear.

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To find Middle Mountain Cabins, you will need to start traveling east. The cabins are located near Whitespring Resort and are marked by the three small cabins on the map near the mountains in the Savage Divide region. The cabins consist of three small buildings that you can explore as well as a little campground.

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What to do at Middle Mountain Cabins

While most of the map locations that you visit are connected to a quest, Middle Mountain Cabins isn’t one of them. You will most likely find this area while you are exploring the wilderness near Whitespring Resort. Just because this location is connected to a quest doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth visiting. You can typically find Honey Beasts near the Middle Mountain Cabins which are great for collecting Honey. Radscorpians like to spawn in the area as well which can get your eggs to make additional meals with. Finally, items in this area like blocks and wood piles will get you crafting components like wood and lead. If you are lucky, you can even find a suit of Power Armor here which often spawns in from of the center cabin.