Where to find Obsidian Berry in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is packed with many extraordinary fantasy gimmicks and addicting gameplay. However, finding particular materials in the game’s overworld can be a hassle, especially for essential items needed to complete in-game quests. Obsidian Berries are a type of item that you can find scattered in a specific location, and you need them to finish a mission.

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What are Obsidian Berries used for in Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

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Once you’ve unlocked the Hero Ashera and Colony 11, gather information about the Colony and discuss it at a Rest Stop. The Three Ravens at War sidequest will become available after the discussion. This quest is split into three other sidequests: A Warriors’ Pride, Indomitable, and Rules of the Hunt.

To unlock all three missions, gather more information about Colony 11 and discuss it at a Rest Stop. These quests are no walk in the park, and we recommend you be over level 48 to try these missions. The Obsidian Berries are only valuable in The Rules of the Hunt sidequest. You start The Rules of the Hunt Quest by talking to Hexen in Colony 11. She will send you on a quest to gather 10 Monstrum Mangos and 10 Obsidian Berries.

Obsidian Berries locations in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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Fortunately, Obsidian Berries are marked on your map with a blue exclamation mark as part of The Rules of the Hunt sidequest. The berries are found on the floor along the large branch path or the wooden walkways in the Pentelas Region. Even after completing The Rules of the Hunt sidequest, Obsidian Berries will still be in the Penelas Region. Besides completing the quest, Obsidian Berries are rare collectibles that don’t have much use.

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To finish The Rules of the Hunt, talk to Hexen again after getting the Berries and Monstrum Mangos; the Mangos are common items found anywhere. After talking to Hexen, meet her at the blue exclamation mark in Fornis Region to properly meet Captain Easel. Follow the footsteps that Easel points out to you to fight the Hentis Ansel. After defeating the bird monster, head back to Colony 11 and talk to Brandon at the blue exclamation point to finish the quest.