Where to find Phillip the Fetid in Diablo Immortal

A decrepit and wanted man.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

There are various types of side quests that you can find throughout Diablo Immortal. While some are given to you by the NPCs of the world, others appear when you cross certain places or enter specific areas. These are called pop-up side quests and they typically involve killing a specific enemy that appears somewhere in the world nearby or a group of enemies within an area. Among these, you can find the Wanted: Phillip the Fetid side quest. Here is where you can find Phillip the Fetid in Diablo Immortal.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

After you complete the tutorial and gain access to the online portion of the game, you will be given a quest that will take you to the Ashwold Cemetery. This dark and decrepit place is filled with the undead. Be careful where you tread for evil roams in around every corner. During the main story, you will be directed to go to Guard’s Watch within the Ashwold Cemetery. You can find Phillip the Fetid nearby.

After entering the Outskirts section of the cemetery, head to the northwest. You can also head to the northwest, but that will take you on a much longer route. The good thing is that you will be able to level up much more along the way. If you head to the northwest, this will take you to The Ossuary marked on the map above. Wander around this area for Phillip the Fetid to spawn and you will get the quest. It may take a little while depending on when he was last killed, but he should appear within five minutes. He is accompanied by many undead allies. If you take the path to the northeast, you will need to go through the Eastern Gardens and head southwest afterward to reach The Ossuary.