Where to find Phoenixes in Hogwarts Legacy

Spoilers: it’s a long hike.

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In Hogwarts Legacy, you can look after your fantastical beasts in your Vivarium. Still, a specific magical beast is more challenging to find, the Phoenix. Many of you will recognize the flying bird that rises from the ashes. This creature has been depicted in movies and books of the magical world more than once. However, to find this animal, you will have to progress in the story, especially in the plot of the elf Deek. How will Deek help us to get a phoenix?

How to get a Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy

You will find a Phoenix in the quest “Phoenix Rising.” Deek will assign you this quest sometime after discovering the fate of his friend Tobbs. You may also need to have progressed a bit in your beast collection.

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You will have to go far south of the map to a cave full of dangers, poachers, and spiders. It’s called Phoenix Mountain Cave, so you know what awaits atop the mountain. Once you reach the peak, you will finally find the Phoenix you can rescue. So equip the nab sack and go for it. Later you’ll get a new nursery, and you can place your new fiery friend wherever you want.

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Phoenixes drop a phoenix feather as a quest reward. If you take good care of him, the Phoenix will drop three feathers every 30 minutes.

How many beasts are there in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy features 13 fantastical beasts. You will come across most of them during the main quest storyline, but you can meet them through our website if you just can’t wait any longer. All 13 beasts can be tamed and brought into your Vivarium, where you can interact with and care for them. Still, you can only mount a select few of them and take them for a ride around the Wizarding World.