All rideable mounts in Hogwarts Legacy, and where to get them

When a broomstick just isn’t enough.

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Player mounts are a welcome addition to nearly any open-world game and their inclusion in Hogwarts Legacy is certainly no exception. Students at the magical academy have the opportunity to soar through the skies of the wizarding world on the backs of various magical creatures, such as Thestrals and Hippogriffs, and upon their very own, highly customized broomstick. The ability to fly on a mount offers a new perspective on the game’s world and offers a faster way to travel between locations. Here are all the mythical mounts in Hogwarts Legacy and how you can get them.

How to get your first mount in Hogwarts Legacy: the broomstick

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Before you can ride any of the fantastic beasts in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll first need to be able to handle a broomstick. You will learn to ride a broom with the help of professor Madam Kogawa in the sixteenth main quest in Hogwarts Legacy, Flight School. Upon completion of the quest you’ll be directed to visit Albie Weekes’ shop in Hogsmeade to purchase a broomstick of your own. While brooms are an ideal mount to hop onto for a quick trip, the game’s bestial mounts are more suited for those longer flights. 

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How to get flying bestial mounts in Hogwarts Legacy

As you progress in Hogwarts Legacy’s main story, you’ll eventually reach a quest called The High Keep. Near the end of this quest you’ll have your first opportunity to take flight aboard a fantastic beast. Hogwarts Legacy has a total of three rideable beasts at this time: the Hippogriff, the Graphorn, and the Thestral.

How to get the Hippogriff mount

Even the most casual fans of Harry Potter will be familiar with the majestic hippogriff and may fondly recall Buckbeak, Hagrid’s beloved companion. You’ll meet and ride your own hippogriff as the first flying mount you’ll obtain in Hogwarts Legacy. Completing the quest The High Keep will reward you with the Hippogriff, Highwing. 

If you had pre-ordered the Standard Edition of Hogwarts Legacy on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch, or the Deluxe Edition on any platform, you’ll automatically gain access to Caligo, an Onyx Hippogriff, at this time. You can also find the Onyx Hippogriff as DLC if you’re pre-ordered via Steam. Both hippogriff mounts function exactly the same; the only difference is the color of their feathers.

How to get the Graphorn mount in Hogwarts Legacy

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Graphorns are dangerous horned beasts with a frightening maw full of tentacles and a hide tougher than that of a dragon. The perfect companion for a young student wizard, right? You’ll be able to unlock the Graphorn mount upon completion of the quest, San Bakar’s Trial.

How to get the Thestral mount in Hogwarts Legacy

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It’s known that the only people who can see Thestrals are those who have seen death. Or those who pre-ordered Hogwarts Legacy, apparently. The game’s only Thestral mount, Sepulchria, is obtained only through purchasing the Deluxe Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition of Hogwarts Legacy. You will automatically gain access to this mount once you finish The High Keep quest and unlock your first flying mount, the Hippogriff. 

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