Where to Find Rock Bass in Far Cry 5

 Where to Find Rock Bass in Far Cry 5

There are several members of the bass family of fish, and Rock Bass are probably the least popular of the three. They’re generally a small fish and not the first choice for anglers to eat. In Hope County of Far Cry 5, Rock Bass can be caught in two locations. One of them is about as obvious as it gets, but I’ll tell you just the same.

Rock Bass Location

Rock Bass Location Far Cry 5
Rock Bass LocationTL;DR Games • Fair Use

The first location this member of the bass family can be found is close to the Hope County Jail in Faith’s Region. Leave the jail and turn left on the main highway at the end of the driveway. Travel along the road until there is a bridge to cross. This fish can be found in the river just along the shore near the bridge.

Rock Bass (Hard) Location

Rock Bass Hard Location in Far Cry 5
Rock Bass Hard LocationTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Most anglers will want to find the hard variation of most fish, and for this a trip must be made to Rock Bass Lake in Faith’s Region. Two islands sit at the middle of the lake, and this smaller species of bass can be caught between those two land masses.

Don’t expect much of a fight from this fish while using good gear, such as the Wonderboy Fishing Rod and Bass Popper bait. As well known as members of the bass family are for their fight, these fish are simply too small to challenge advanced gear.

It’s also worth noting that Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass can also be caught in and around this same location. They are obviously the more popular members of the bass family, with Largemouth being the most highly sought.

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