Where to Find Smallmouth Bass in Far Cry 5

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There’s nothing quite like bass fishing. The fight that a bass can put up is one of the toughest of all freshwater fish species. In Far Cry 5, there are three types of bass to go after, one of which is the popular Smallmouth Bass. Before they can be caught, though, an angler must know their location. Below I will cover where this member of the bass family can be found.

Smallmouth Bass Location

Smallmouth Bass Location Far Cry 5
Smallmouth Bass LocationTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Smallmouth in Far Cry 5 are found in Faith’s Region, in Rock Bass Lake. This is close to a location called The Misery. Don’t expect any big ones to come out of here since it’s not labeled as the hard version, but it’s good if high quality fishing gear isn’t available in the early hours of the game.

Smallmouth Bass Location (Hard)

Smallmouth Bass Hard Location Far Cry 5
Smallmouth Bass Hard LocationTL;DR Games • Fair Use

The location for the Smallmouth Bass (Hard) in Far Cry 5 is also found in Faith’s Region, just on the other side of the mountain from Rock Bass Lake. This spot is along the shore of the river near the map’s edge. Look near the Feeney Residence for this quiet spot that features the desired fish.

How to Catch Smallmouth Bass

My current setup for fishing includes the Wonderboy Fishing Rod and the Fisher King perk from the Survivalist tree. This allows me to equip the Bass Popper bait, which is not only perfect for Smallmouth, but also Rock Bass and Largemouth Bass. Once this equipment was unlocked I didn’t find much fight coming from this species of fish, so I stuck with the hard variation. Truthfully, if Wonderboy Fishing Rod and Bass Popper are unlocked, there is little point in fishing for any other variation than hard for these bass, but to each their own.

With the location of Smallmouth Bass known, consider picking up all Vietnam Lighters while traveling through Hope County. All of our collectible guides can be found in the Far Cry 5 guide hub.