Where to find Svefnthorn in God of War Ragnarok

A specific resource to use at the forge.

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Svefnthorn is one of the several resources in God of War Ragnarok you can find while playing the game. Tracking these resources will take a bit of time, but they’re a worthwhile adventure if you’re looking to unlock specific equipment in the game. Here’s what you need to know about where you can find Svefnthorn in God of War Ragnarok.

How to get Svefnthorn in God of War Ragnarok

There’s one way for you to find Svefnthorn, but there’s a direct way to do this and an indirect way. The direct way is to follow through with The Lost Treasure quest, which you can receive while climbing up the wooden platform at Dragon Beach in Svartalfheim.

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The indirect way to unlock this resource is to avoid the side quest and proceed through Alberich Hollow. Regardless of how you go about it, you must take on a mini-boss named Orsmtunga. They’re small creatures, significantly smaller than many of the bosses you’ve encountered in Ragnarok, and defeat them. Upon taking them down, they will drop the Svefnthorn item, and you can use it in your crafting recipes at your leisure.

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The Lost Treasure quest leads you to this location and has you fighting the same boss. How you acquire this item is up to you, but in our experience, it was not tied to the quest, merely the creature we were fighting. Upon defeating Ormstunga, you can return to the spirit who gave you The Lost Treasure quest and complete it to earn more XP and Hacksilver for your troubles. You might also stumble upon this location attempting to complete Spirit of Rebellion.