Where to find the Black and White Dye Merchants in Ghost of Tsushima – Monochrome Masters Trophy

Sometimes it is black and white.

Ghost of Tsushima

Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment

You can find various Dye Merchants spread throughout Ghost of Tsushima, normally appearing near survivor camps or other populated locations. There are, however, two Dye Merchants off the beaten path, and you will need to find both of them for the Monochrome Masters Trophy.

White Dye Merchant

White Dye Merchant

The White Dye Merchant can be found west of Wanderer’s Pass in the Izuhara region in the area in which you will begin the game. It is a little bit of a climb, in a fairly isolated region, but there will be a golden bird to guide you when you get close enough.

The White Dye Merchant will sell the following items:

  • Nine-Tailed Fox skin for the Long Bow for 5 Flowers
  • White armor dyes for 10 Flowers for the Traveler’s Attire, Ronin Attire, Kensei Armor, and Gosaku’s Armor
  • Pure Intent Headband for 20 Flowers

The armor dyes will be locked away behind the armor themselves, as the Merchants dye the armor for you, you can only purchase these if you already have the armors unlocked.

Black Dye Merchant

You will need to wait until Act 2 to get access to the Black Dye Merchant, as he can only be found to the southwest of the Urashima village, in the east of the Toyotama region. He will be in a cave behind a large patch of bamboo, but you will be able to tell his location from all the black fabric leading to the cave.

The Black Dye Merchant sells the following items:

  • Piercing Shadows skin for the Half Bow for 5 Flowers
  • Black armor dyes for 10 Flowers for Tadayori’s Armor, Traveler’s Attire, Sakai Clan Armor, Goasku’s Armor, Ghost Armor, Kensei Armor