Where to find the Blood Drunk pistol in Far Cry 6


The Blood Drunk pistol is an extremely interesting weapon in Far Cry 6. It comes with a prearranged mods and attachment setup that cannot be changed but also has some very powerful perks.

You can get the Blood Drunk pistol very easily during the Napoleon El Pequeno mission for Clara. While you are investigating the house of Castillo’s nephew, you will find the case with the weapon in it in the room with the computer.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you arrive at his house, take out all the guards, then head upstairs and inside. A brief cutscene will play, then you will be able to interact with the weapon box and claim the gun.

The blood drunk is a very solid pistol thanks to the mods and attachments it has. It can set enemies on fire with a 4 Star Incendiary Rounds attachment, doing significant damage over time. On top of that, it does improved damage to enemies below you, so the high ground becomes important. Finally, and most importantly, damaging enemies has a chance of healing you, which can be excellent when you are pinned down and taking damage.

It is definitely an interesting weapon but the lack of suppressor and reasonable low damage means that you will only really want it if you are prone to getting dangerously low on health at close range.