Where to find the BP-RUC in Far Cry 6

A quick-fire assault rifle.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can find multiple weapons in Far Cry 6 or unlock them by purchasing the Guerrilla Garrison at any of the bases you liberate on Yara and buying them there. However, you can find many of them in the wild throughout the game, saving you some money to use on other items. But these are random locations, which means you’ll have to work your way through unlocking a lot of them until luck favors you. In this guide, we’ll detail the best way to unlock this weapon.

The best way to unlock the BP-RUC is to purchase the Guerrilla Garrison addition for a camp. You’ll be able to do this after completing the initial mission to be introduced to the camp, and then you can provide supplies to the Guerrilla. Once you purchase the Garrison, you’ll need to buy it using a certain amount of Yaran Pesos. You may need to loot these off the FND military forces, or you can exchange them for any animals you’ve been hunting along the way. It never hurts to check multiple FND Caches, just in case the BP-RUC is inside it, ready to be claimed.

The BP-RUC is an assault rifle. You can add three attachment modifications to it, and it has one rifle socket attachment. It’s a two-star weapon.