Where to find the Brewing Station plans in Fallout 76

Time to get wasted.

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While there are a lot of items that will help you survive in Fallout 76, sometimes you want to kick back and enjoy a drink or two that you make at your very own Brewing Station. The Brewing Station was a camp item that was added to the wastelands during the Wild Appalachia update and it has since been used to craft some pretty strong alcoholic beverages with some decent benefits. Below, we will show you where you can find the Brewing Station plans in Fallout 76.

How to make the Brewing Station in Fallout 76

The Brewing Station is used to make different alcohols that your character can consume. This is great if you are someone who relies on alcohol for your build in the game. After all, certain alcohols can raise your character’s strength and endurance stats. If you want to get your hands on this handy workstation, you will first need to make your way to any of the train stations around the map.

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At each of the train stations, you can find bulletin boards that have posters that start different quests. Interact with the house party poster to start the Wasted on Nukashine quest. This quest will take you to Morgantown and eventually to Big Al’s Tattoo Parlor in the southern portion of the city. It is there that you will meet Biv, the robot NPC who will teach you how to make alcohol.

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Unfortunately, there aren’t any plans that you can pick up to learn to make the Brewing Station. Unlike other objects in the game, you will learn to make the Brewing Station automatically after completing the Wasted on Nukashine quest. Completing this quest will also unlock the Fermenter. Looks like you can’t get the Brewing Station early by purchasing it from a vendor or another player.