Where to find the Claymore in Elden Ring

The most basic of strength weapons.

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The Claymore is one of the most basic strength weapons you can find in any Souls game. This weapon is used in many builds and is able to destroy opponents with the right setup. You can get this weapon rather quickly in the game and it can carry you all the way to the end. This weapon comes equipped with the Lion’s Claw weapon art on it that allows you to perform a flip with the weapon in hand. This flip ends with a devastating slam that will send a shiver down the spines of your foes. Here is where you can find the Claymore in Elden Ring.

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To obtain the Claymore, you simply need to make your way down to the Weeping Peninsula. This is the area to the south of Limgrave and one of the areas you should generally visit early during your playthrough since the enemies are at a lower level. To reach the Weeping Peninsula, you just need to cross the bridge at the southern end of Limgrave. From there, follow the pathway to the southern point of the Weeping Peninsula to find Castle Mourne, overrun by misbegotten enemies.

Once you reach Castle Morne, take the elevator up to the main courtyard. From there, stick to the right side wall and go up the large mound of bodies. Be careful of the many misbegotten enemies that are waiting for you in the courtyard. Take them out first if needed. You will find a platform at the top of the pile. Go onto the platform and stick to the right to find a doorway. Inside the building is a chest that contains the Claymore. Enemies may follow you inside if you don’t kill them off first.