Where to find the Dash Boot Module in Slime Rancher 2


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As you progress through Slime Rancher 2, you will collect many things from different Slimes to fruits, vegetables, and gadget blueprints that will help you progress further and make your job as a slime rancher easier. One of the many items you can find is the Dash Boot Module. While it might not seem like much, this item is actually the key to upgrading the Dash Boots further than you can at the start of the game. This guide will show you where you can find the Dash Boot Module in Slime Rancher 2.

How to get the Dash Boot Module in Slime Rancher 2

Similar to items like the Tank Booster that requires the Storage Cell to upgrade, you will need to grab the Dash Boot Module if you wish to upgrade the Dash Boots. Of course, the item is also hidden in a supply pod somewhere across the map with no indication as to where to search. Your search will end up taking you to the Starlight Strand, the area to the south of the Rainbow Fields that is, at first, locked.

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Once you unlock the pathway to the Starlight Strand part of the map, make your way there and head to the location marked on the map above. The area you are looking for is a piece of land with massive logs connecting it to the rest of the area. On this piece of land is a large tree with roots sticking out of the ground like in the image below.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you reach the area, you will see a ton of Honey Slimes and Pink Slimes. Go behind the tree roots and you will find the supply pod nestled in them. Once you have the Dash Boot Module, you will be able to upgrade the Dash Boots after acquiring all of the other necessary items for the upgrade.