Where to find the El General auto pistol location in Far Cry 6

The man in charge.

Far Cry 6 has all manner of weapons for players to use, including some special version of each weapon type that can be found hidden throughout the game. In this guide, we will show you where to find the El General auto pistol to really spice up your secondary slot.

You can find the El General during the Fueling the Revolution mission. When you are investigating the enemy base near Prado Meadows.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After clearing out all the enemies, head inside the bunker with the open door and you will find a table on the right with a keycard. In the rear of the room, you will find a ladder leading underground. Head down the ladder and use the keycard to open the door and you will find a trunk with El General inside.

The El General comes with Blast Rounds that are highly effective against vehicles and will shatter windshields with ease. It also comes with the Trigger Disciple and Nimble Shooter mod. The first will give better damage when aiming, while the second will improve accuracy on the move.

The El General is an interesting weapon if you are struggling to deal with enemies in cars, but most weapons will do an excellent job of damaging glass and headshotting enemies if your aim is on point.