Where to find the Golf Course in Sons of the Forest

Time to play some golf.

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In Sons of the Forest, you will spend most of your time building structures, gathering supplies, and fighting cannibals and mutants. All of this can make you stressed, so you might need something to relax your mind. What a lot of players don’t know is that a Golf Course exists in the game, which you can visit to play some golf. In this guide, we are going to explain where to find the Golf Course in Sons of the Forest

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Where is the Golf Course in Sons of the Forest?

To visit the Golf Course, you will need to go to the northeast section of the map. This is pretty far from where you spawn in the game, so the journey is going to be long. As you might encounter cannibals on your way, depending on the route you take, make sure you have some cooked food and powerful weapons like the Shotgun and Katana in your inventory. After you reach the location marked in the image below, you will find the Golf Course. This is built on a massive area, so it will take you some time before you fully explore it.

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How to find the Putter in Sons of the Forest

To play golf, you will first need to, of course, find the Putter and some Golf Balls. Thankfully, these can be found inside the Golf Course. To get the Putter, make your way to the northeast side of the course, seen in the image below. Here, you can find it placed next to an abandoned Golf Cart. There are also a number of other Putters positioned around the course if you are having trouble finding this one specifically.

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How to find Golf Balls in Sons of the Forest

As for Golf Balls, they can be found inside sand traps nearby. There are plenty of balls in each trap, so you won’t run out of them quickly.

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After acquiring both items, place the Golf Ball on the ground by throwing it, and equip the Putter. Now, focus on the Golf Ball and press right-click to perform a low-speed stroke. But to perform a tee shot, hold right-click to grip it and rip it.