Where to find the hacking device location in GTA Online

Steal the device to prepare for the big heist.

If you’re working your way through GTA Online’s Diamond Casino Heist, one of the missions you’re going to need to complete is the Heist Prep: Hacking Device. During this quest, you will be stealing from the FIB Building, or you’re going to visit the NOOSE Headquarters. Both paths give you the chance to steal a hacking device from these locations and then bring them back to the Arcade. We’re going to break down the hacking device’s location in GTA Online for both of these locations. It’s also recommended you bring a second player to back you up, but it is not required.

FIB Building hacking device location

The FIB Building can be a difficult encounter, but the steps of the heist make it a little bit easier to find the hacking device. First, it’s going to be higher up, on the top floors of the building, which means you need to sneak inside.

The first thing you need to do is take out the agents at the location the quest sends you. After you’ve eliminated them, search their bodies for a security pass, and then you’ll be able to enter the FIB Building without any issues. Of course, if you try to enter it without it, you’ll get into a bit of trouble, so it’s better to follow the Hacking Device heist steps to the letter, even if you know how it all goes down.

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Once inside, you’ll be instructed to take the elevator to the upper levels, and your Sightseer application on your phone will begin to make noise. The louder and quicker noise the application makes, the closer you are to the hacking device. The location of the Hacking Device varies and can show up in different locations for players, but you will find it somewhere on the upper floors, close to a FIB agent. It will be in the form of a briefcase that is partially glowing. Make sure to have your sound on to have the best chance of finding it.

You will then have to leave the FIB Building after obtaining the hacking device, but the alarm will go off once you leave the front lobby, so expect to run away quickly.

NOOSE Headquarters hacking device location

The second location the hacking device could be is the NOOSE Headquarters. These two quests are quite similar, except for the location you need to raid. Much like the FIB one, you’re going to need to proceed to the first location and eliminate the agents you find there. Then, after taking them out, search them for the security access card. You then need to head over to the NOOSE Headquarters and enter the facility. You can find it outside of the city, to the east.

Similar to the FIB Building, the hacking device is located somewhere inside. Again, the location varies for each player. You will have to rely on your Sightseer application, and the closer you are to the hacking device, the application makes louder and quicker beeping sounds. When you find the hacking device, it will be in the form of a briefcase, and it will be partially glowing. Once you’ve picked it up, return outside the facility.

As soon as you’re outside, the alarms will be going off, and you’ll need to rush back to the Arcade to drop it off.