Where to find the missing sword for the fountain statue in Chronos: Before the Ashes

Where did the sword go?

After defeating the Cyclops in Chronos: Before the Ashes, you’ll return to the tree that gave you a dragon stone. You’ll now have access to a new part of the kingdom, thanks to the master key you discovered the Cyclops’ area. As you make your way through the kingdom, there will be a pair of statues in a courtyard, and the statue on the left is missing a sword. You need to find that sword to place at the statue to continue your journey.

How to find the missing sword for the statue

If you start the courtyard, you need to make your way back to the start of the area, where you first entered after speaking with the tree. This location looks like an eating area, and there would have been an enemy with a shield and spear wandering around.

You want to go to the right of the door and go into the room that has a ladder. Go down the ladder, and follow the pathway to the left. You should find a storage area with many barrels, and there will be a few enemies here. Take out the enemies, and proceed to the back of the room.

How to solve the statue face machine puzzle

In the back will be a machine with a symbol at the center. When you approach the machine, you can move the symbols to make them look like a face. You want to change the symbols until it makes the face of the statue. It will have the horns with one earring on the left horn and two on the right, a mask with two lines coming up the middle to make eye slots, and a body with yellow shoulder pads and a green chest plate.

After you complete the puzzle, you’ll receive a replica of the sword the statue is carrying. Take it all the way back to the courtyard, place it on the pedestal in front of the statue, and the floor behind you will open up.