Where to find the Ripsaw Launcher in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Hone the blades of destruction.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 has debuted a handful of powerful, never-before-seen weapons, and the new Ripsaw Launcher may just be the best yet. Taking the form of a power tool, this gadget shoots out rapidly spinning blades to slice buildings, vehicles, and of course, opponents’ health bars. However, unlike the rest of the game’s loot pool, players won’t be spotting it inside chests or as ground loot.

How to get the Ripsaw Launcher in Fortnite

The Ripsaw Launcher can be discovered exclusively at The Chop Shop, a landmark set northeast of Logjam Lotus (formerly known as Logjam Lumberyard). Players can run into six launchers by heading into the location’s barn and finding them on its wall at the center of the building. The launchers are relatively short on ammo, each holding up to 10 blades, but multiple launchers can be in a player’s inventory anytime.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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In terms of the Ripsaw Launcher’s stats, its blades can supply 60 damage to enemies while also providing for 25 damage to structures and 100 damage to vehicles. This may sound underwhelming, but the blades can continue dealing damage for up to 10 seconds when players fully charge the ammunition by holding their respective shooting button. Better yet, it will only take a little over three seconds to reload its three-blade magazine.

As unique as the weapon is, it isn’t the only gadget players should look to get their hands on. The latest season has also introduced the incredibly useful Grapple Grove, an item with its exclusive locations that allow users to traverse to any area at a moment’s notice. Those in its Battle Royale modes can also find new guns, such as the Two-Shot Shotgun and Hammer Assault Rifle — both arguably the best in their weapon class.