Where to find the servers at the garage in Error 404 gig – Cyberpunk 2077

The propaganda machine.

There’s a smear campaign happening to revolve around acting mayor Holt, and in Cyberpunk 2077, one of your fixers discovered the source of that campaign. A client has tasked you to raid that location and shut down the signal so none of the slander can continue to seep out from here.

Where to find the Garage

The signal is coming from a garage on oak street. You can find the garage in Santo Domingo, close to the heart of the region.

How to find the servers at the garage

Once you arrive, there’s a camera protecting the entrance. You can breach from here and then potentially turn off cameras and turrets in the area from this point if you have the correct perks in technical ability. If not, you’ll have to do that manually and watch for those. There’s a lone guard wandering the building next to it at this same location, and once you take that camera out, you can eliminate that guard.

After eliminating the front entrance guard, you’ll need to search the entire area for the correct garage with servers. Multiple guards are protecting this location, so you’ll need to veer away from them and avoid the cameras.

When you enter the area, stick to the right. The garage containing all of the servers will be far back where all of the guards are. Continue to hug the right side, and you’ll encounter a guard messing with a forklift. You can knock them out and then approach the area. One of the guards will be on the phone will someone, and once they finish that call, they’ll walk to the left, close to where you came from. Meet them on the path, but wait for them to pull into the side, into a garage. You can knock them out here without anyone seeing.

Now that there’s one less guard return where you were by the guard at the forklift, and there will be a sniper providing overwatch for the entire area. Rather than focus on taking them out, look at the guards inside the garage underneath the sniper. You can activate the gate and close it, and you won’t have to worry about them.

You only have the two guards in the main area and the sniper to worry about. Much like last time, hug the wall on the right, and wait for the two guards at the center to separate. When they do, use a vending machine or another distraction to pull one of the guards away. Knock them out, and you should have a straight shot for the servers.

All you have to do now is upload the malware to the computer inside the server room, and then you’re free to leave. Follow the path next to the servers, and then walk right out the front, the way you came. After you leave the area, your fixer will reach out to you to reward you.