Where to find the Snapshot auto pistol in Far Cry 6

Take a picture, it’ll last longer.

The Snapshot is an auto pistol in Far Cry 6 that players can track down and add to their arsenal. It comes with a preset selection of attachments and mods, and will not be able to be changed at a workbench.

To find the weapon, players will need to make their way to the Zamok Archipielago to the southeast of Costa Del Mar. On the coast, almost directly to the west of Balaceras, players will be able to find a lighthouse. If they climb to the top of this lighthouse, they will find the Snapshot in a crate at the top.

The snapshot comes with Soft-Target Rounds that deal heavy damage against soft targets, a Small Compensator that reduces recoil in all directions, and an Extended Mag for increased capacity. On top of that, the Snapshot comes with the Preloader perk, giving it a faster reload time if there are rounds left in the magazine.

The Snapshot is a fun weapon, that will do considerable damage to enemies up close. Without any way to add a suppressor, it potentially has limited use, however. It does have an extremely high rate of fire, which will somewhat offset the large magazine size, but will also allow players to quickly mag dump into tough enemies.