Where to find Wild Hogs in Far Cry 6

Dangerous hogs.

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The many animals on Yara in Far Cry 6 are a valuable resource for you to harvest all over the island. You’ll need to hunt many of these animals down if you want to collect their meat to use them in one of the many recipes you can cook at the El Cantina or trade them in for useful resources. If you’re looking for Wild Hogs, there are a handful of locations you can find them in the game. This guide details all of the locations you can see Wild Hogs in Far Cry 6.

You can find Wild Hogs in Mirador Cape, Noventarmas International Airport, and Nogal River.

Mirador Cape

The Wild Hogs in Mirador Cape are right next to the coast, on the east side of the area. They’re surrounded by several small enemy outposts. They’re in a rank seven location, so we don’t recommend visiting this location until you’re acquired enough gear and made a name for yourself in Far Cry 6.

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Nogal River

The Nogal River in Oasis Plains is also a rank seven location. You can find these hogs south of Espinosa University, one of the more accessible bases in this region, to overthrow and take back for the Libertad.

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Noventarmas International Airport

The final location, Noventarmas International Airport, where you can find Wild Hogs, is right in the middle of Yara, in Cielo Gardens. Unlike the other two, this is only a rank five area, so you might be able to visit this area much sooner than the other two.

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