Where to find Windwheel Asters in Genshin Impact – Windwheel Aster Locations

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Genshin Impact is filled with items and resources for players to gather up. They can be found all over the map, but many of them only appear in specific places. Windwheel Aster is one such resource and is a plant that only appears in certain parts of Mondstadt.

Windwheel Aster is actually a local specialty in Mondstadt and is quite important as it is used by Bennett, Sucrose, and the Traveler as an ascension material.

For the most part, Windwheel Aster only grows where the wind blows, and in Mondstadt that means clusters of them can be found at Stormterrors Lair to the northwest, and Windrise to the southeast. There is a small amount of Windwheel Aster that can be farmed at the Statue of the Seven near Dawn Winery and Starfell Lake, however. If you really need the plant you can also visit Flora who will sell five plants for 1000 Mora each every three days. She can be found just inside the gates of Mondstadt.

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Where to find Windwheel Aster in Genshin Impact

Windwheel Asters are one of Mondstadt’s special flowers and are only found in this region. Mondstadt is the first region you have access to in Genshin Impact, meaning you can get most of these flowers as soon as you start the game. There are 71 Windwheel Asters you can collect at one time. You’ll find a majority of Windwheel Asters in Stormterror’s Lair, but you can also find some near Starfell Lake, to the west of Springvale, and around Windrise.

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Note: As with most items, the Windwheel Asters will reset every few days after picking them all. If you run out of Windwheel Asters in your world, and you need to farm more, you have a couple of options. You can either wait a few days for the item to reset, or you can go into a friend’s world and farm some of their Windwheel Asters.

Where to use Windwheel Aster in Genshin Impact

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The Windwheel Aster is primarily used as an ascension material for some popular characters in the game. You’ll need Windwheel Asters to ascend Bennett, Sucrose, and the Traveler. Otherwise, the Windwheel Aster is used in crafting the recipe item: Wind Catcher.

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Wind Catcher is a gadget that creates a temporary wind current for around 9 seconds. Wind currents are used to give your characters a boost, allowing you to use your glider and reach higher places or gain a boost to float across cliffs. To craft the Wind Catcher, you’ll also need x10 Hurricane Seed, x50 Crystal Chunk, and x50,000 Mora.