Where to get Harrah Fruits in Genshin Impact – Harrah Fruit Locations

Get your fruit collecting baskets ready.

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Harrah Fruits are used in multiple cooking recipes based on Sumeru specialty meals. Sumeru has arrived in Genshin Impact 3.0. This extensive rainforest contains materials, enemies, and world puzzles unique to the region. Dendro, a nature-based element, features heavily in many of the mysteries and combat sumeru provides. New banner characters such as Collei and Tignhari are also available to earn. This guide will explain where to find Harra Fruit in Genshin Impact.

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Where to find Harrah Fruits location in Genshin Impact

Harrah Fruits are a cooking material found in mountainous areas and ridges in Sumeru. This delicacy can’t be bought in any Sumeru store, so hunting them down is the only way to get your hands on them. If you have Tignhari in your active party, they will be marked on the mini-map, making them easier to collect and farm. As with other open-world materials, each Harrah Fruit will take two to three days of real-life time to respawn. The image below will show you what to look for.

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Harra Fruits don’t spawn in any one location with much density. They are often found on a single plant containing three to four fruit a piece. The locations below are the best spots to farm this rare delicacy consistently. The site above Sumeru City is the best spot to farm these fruits. You can earn around 30 Harra Fruit by visiting the marked places pictured on the map below.

Bring these to a local pot or the tavern in Sumeru to cook various dishes. Meals in Genshin Impact can heal party members, provide defensive or offensive buffs and revive fallen party members. Gather as much Harra Fruit as possible to keep a steady supply of meals for your group.