Where to get Krabble Shield Pincers in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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Karabble Shield Pincers are a rare monster material in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. These shield pincers are used for recipes, Collectopaedia quests, and Gem crafting. It isn’t a tricky material to farm, but the creature that drops it is elusive and hardy. This guide will explain where to get Krabble Shield Pincers in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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How to find Krabble Shield Pincers in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Krabble Shield Pincers can drop from two sources. One is the Unique Monster, Househunter Carly, and the standard Materia Krabble. They can be found in the Aetia Region near the beginning of the game, although you won’t be ready to take them on until much later.

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To find Houserhunter Carly and their hard-shelled associates, you can Skip Travel to the Forward Post Camp. Once you’re at the camp, drop off the ridge into the water below. You will see a group of Materia Krabble and a cave entrance. Inside this cave, you will find more Krabbles and Houserhunter Carly.

I recommend a group around level 24 to make this fight manageable. I also suggest bringing an assortment of Ether arts, as this species is resistant to physical attacks. This cave is also home to a large group of Materia Krabble, which will net you plenty of Krabble Shield Pincers when you take them out. You must be cautious before you enter this cave, as the Material Krabble will attack you in a pack.

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After clearing the cave, you can Skip Travel back to the Rest Spot and begin the hunt again. You can also activate the Househunter Carly monster grave to fight them again. Since it’s a unique Monster, it will have a higher probability of dropping rare and legendary Krabble Shield Pincers for you to collect. This cave will also have an Ether Channel to collect.