Where to get the Angel Wings fashion accessory in Final Fantasy XIV

Get your fashionable angel wings.

Image via Square Enix

Fashion accessories in Final Fantasy XIV offer your character more ways to express themselves. These angel wings give you an angelic appearance, with the wings moving with you as you run and jump around. If you want these stylish wings for yourself, you may have to put some work in to get them.

Find the Angel Wings at the Gold Saucer

The angel wings accessory is available as a prize at the Gold Saucer. Head to the Prize Claim NPC at the main counter, next to the Mini-Cactpot game NPC. You’ll find the angel wings listed as a purchasable item for 500,000 MGP.

The Angel Wings item itself is not tradeable, meaning others can’t purchase it for you or sell it on the market board. You have to earn the MGP yourself and then claim your prize. Participating in Triple Triad Tournaments, racking up bonus MGP from your Challenge Log, playing the weekly Jumbo Cactpot for a chance at big earnings, or going slow and steady with the daily Mini-Cactpot game are solid ways to farm the MGP you need.

After using the Angel Wings item, all that’s left is to put on your new accessory. Navigate to the Fashion Accessories tab in the main menu, and equip your wings. They’ll appear on your back regardless of the type of armor you have on. You can show off your angel wings anywhere in the open world or in dungeons while running Explorer Mode solo or with friends.