How to run dungeons in Explorer Mode in Final Fantasy XIV

Revisit dungeons in their completed states.

Image via Square Enix

Patch 5.4 in Final Fantasy XIV brings a new system for freely exploring dungeons. The aptly named Explorer Mode allows players to enter instanced dungeons without fighting enemies. Run around the area solo or with friends, take screenshots, hang out, and enjoy the scenery.

Using the Duty Finder to access Explorer Mode

Image via Square Enix

Explorer Mode is a setting within the Duty Finder. Click on the settings cog to bring up the appropriate menu. Select Explorer Mode, and then confirm your changes. When pulling up the Duty Finder again, the dungeons for Explorer Mode will be available to select. Queue up as you would normally and head inside.

The usual time limit for the dungeon will still be in place, but you can enter solo or with the maximum amount of players for the specific duty. Everyone in your party will need to have completed the specific dungeon you want to enter again.

What you can do during Explorer Mode

Image via Square Enix
  • Ride mounts
  • Summon minions
  • Use fashion accessories, like parasols
  • Change jobs (excluding crafters/gatherers)
  • Hit striking dummies
  • Use limit breaks
  • Use shortcuts to freely move around

The developers plan on adding more dungeons for Explorer Mode over time, so stay tuned.