Where to get the Crackle and Pop light machine gun in Far Cry 6

The Crackle & Pop LMG will help you destroy vehicles and anything else in your path.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Crackle & Pop LMG is one of the best weapons you can find in Far Cry 6. While there are many weapons in the game, the best weapons are those that are rank four. These weapons are very powerful and can often take enemies down extremely fast.

The Crackle & Pop LMG comes pre-equipped with blast rounds, the Headshot Spremo perk, and the Fast Reload perk. With an 80 round magazine, this thing is a beast that can take enemies down pretty quickly but excels in attacking vehicles. To find it, you will need to search around El Rayo Cinema. Take a look at the map below for its location.

Screenshot by Gamepur

El Rayo Cinema is in the heart of an extremely dangerous area, Esperanza. Luckily, if you have Pablo’s Alley fast travel point unlocked, you will have easy access to the location. If you don’t, you will need to do some searching to enter the restricted part of the city. Most roads and alleyways are blocked off.

Once you manage to reach the area, be prepared for a fight since there are a ton of enemies in this area. Getting caught can mean a death sentence since special forces troops can come after you. When you reach the cinema, check around for a zipline that is attached to a green building.

Screenshot by Gamepur

That building next to the green one is where you want to be. Use the grappling point on it to get on the roof. To the left of where you climb up is where you will find a chest with the LMG.