Where to Search Chests at Landmarks in Fortnite


More Fortnite challenges have become available today, as the Season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 2 continues. The Remedy Vs. Toxin challenges are now available, and one of the challenges is to search chests at Landmarks.

Landmarks can be found all over the map. Dotted between all the names locations, you will find countless areas of interest. These can be anything from the Lighthouse, the scrapyard, E.G.O Outposts, or the boat launch.

Fortnite Landmarks

There are dozens and dozens of them on the map, far too many to highlight individually. On the map above, you will find the locations of various Landmarks throughout the game, but it is by no means exhaustive.

This challenge is straightforward, as all you need to do is search seven chests, and you can do it across multiple matches. It will be very easy to do just by playing naturally, grabbing any chests you see. Every time you visit a new landmark, the name will flash on the screen. If your map is covered in grey areas that you have yet to visit, then you are guaranteed to find a landmark in there.

All the landmarks should have at least one chest at them, but some will have many more. Landmarks can be anything from a small ring of stones to a group of houses, so comb each area, and you will have this challenge wrapped up in no time.

We also have a guide to show you the locations of the Food Trucks, which you need to visit for another of the Remedy Vs. Toxin challenges.