Where to Stoke a Campfire in Fortnite – All Campfire Locations


It is the second day of Winterfest, which means a new challenge.

Once you have visited the Winterfest Cabin and searched your Holiday Stocking for today, you will need to stoke a campfire. This is not the warm and welcoming fireplace in the Winterfest Cabin; you need to get into a game to complete this challenge.

Fortnite Campfire Locations

The good news is that there are campfires strewn all over the map in Fortnite Chapter 2. Dozens of them can be found in different locations, and we have marked as many as we could on the map above. Each red X shown above is the location of a campfire, and as you can see, the map is covered with them.

To stoke a campfire, you will first need to light it. For this, you will need some wood. Just land near a campfire, then start chopping down some trees. Weeping Woods is the easiest spot, because it tends to be quiet, it has lots of trees, and there are an abundance of campfires.

Once you have plenty of wood, go to the campfire and interact with it. Interacting with it again will stoke the campfire, and it will give off a pleasant blast of healing warmth. It will only take 30 wood to stoke the campfire.

Once you have stoked the campfire, today’s Winterfest challenge is complete, and you can get back to finishing up any other challenges you still have to do or just ranking up your Battle Pass. Don’t forget, there are 12 more Winterfest challenges coming our way, and lots of presents still to open.