Where to Summit the Highest Mountain in Fortnite


One exciting aspect of Fortnite’s Alter-Ego challenges is that you need to do particular tasks to unlock new styles for the skins. For each one, you need to hit a specific Tier of the Battle Pass to unlock the base skin, then complete the required number of missions, and finish the unique challenge while wearing the standard version of the skin. To get the Hazard style for the Journey skin, you will need to summit the highest mountain in Fortnite, while you have the Journey skin equipped.

The Journey skin unlocks at Tier 1 of the Battle Pass, and to second step of the challenge to get the Hazard style is to finish three missions. This means doing all the challenges in a single mission and getting one hundred percent completion.

Summit Highest Mountain Location Fortnite

You can find the highest mountain in Fortnite to the south-east of Lazy Lake. This massive edifice is impossible to miss, but it can be awkward to figure out how to climb if you have never been up there before. The easiest way to get there is to use your Glider when you jump out of the Battle Bus. If you would prefer not to do that, then go to the red arrow on the map above and begin your climb there.

Follow the path marked by the red flags until you reach the summit, and the tall red flag that marks your victory. You should find a chest and some Frozen Loot up there as well. Once you get there, you will unlock the Hazard style. Once again, make sure to wear the Journey skin while you are finishing this challenge.