Where to use an Alien Hologram Pad at Risky Reels or the Sherrif’s Office in Fortnite

Hands up!

Screenshot by Gamepur

After the Rift Tour, new challenges will appear in the game that players can complete to get some more loot. Up for grabs will be a Rift Tour 2021 Spray, an Ariana Grandes Emote, and a third Rift Tour umbrella.

Most of the challenges are quite simple, but some will require players to go to very specific points on the map. They will need to use an Alien Hologram Pad at either Risky Reels or the Sherrif’s Office.

These Alien Hologram Pads can turn players into large, bouncy balloons, which is certainly an interesting effect. The one in Risky Reels can be found in the corner of the area with the swings and playground in it. We are unsure of the exact location of the Sheriff’s Office hologram, but it should be just around the outside walls of the building.

To use the Holograms, all you need to do is move through them and they will activate automatically, turning you into a bouncing pink bubble.

The rest of the challenges that will appear after the Rift Tour can be found below:

  • Play matches with friends (0/10) – 30000 XP
  • Open a Cosmic Chest (0/2) – 30000 XP
  • Use an Alien Hologram Pad at Risky Reels or the Sheriff’s Office (0/1)
  • Complete post Rift Tour quests (0/3)