Where to Visit Different Food Trucks in Fortnite – Food Truck Locations


More Fortnite challenges have become available today, as the seemingly endless Season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 2 continues. The Remedy Vs. Toxin challenges are now available, and the first challenge is to visit three Food Trucks.

These can be hard to find. The Food Trucks no longer operate in the center of the more built-up areas that players will frequent a lot and instead can be found in more out of the way places.

Fortnite Food Truck Locations

You will see the locations of three Food Trucks marked on the map above. You can find Food Trucks in the following areas:

  • A burger truck can be found in the scattered buildings, north of Pleasant Park.
  • A pizza truck can be found south of Salty Springs, near the bridge to Weeping Woods.
  • A food truck can be found in the middle of Lazy Lake and Frenzy Farm, near the river.

It’s not very easy to see these from the air, but the arrows on the map above should get you to where you need to go. You don’t need to visit all of them in one game, so it might just be easier to drop in one each one at the start of a match.

It looks like the Remedy Vs. Toxin challenges will be all we have to keep us busy until the current season ends. There is a chance that Epic might surprise us with something over the coming weeks, and it will be worth keeping a close eye on any changes to the map that hint to what might be coming in the future.